Welcome to Arabian Falcon Holidays

Arabian Falcon Holidays is the largest independent timeshare sales and marketing company in the Middle East

Founded in 1999, Arabian Falcon Holidays is the largest independent timeshare sales and marketing company in the Middle East. We have thousands of satisfied clients throughout the region, in Africa and beyond. We have a portfolio of some of Dubai’s finest resorts and are committed to working with only the most exclusive and luxurious properties. Visit Arabian Falcon Holidays chairman's & founder's website to learn more about Al Mohannad Sharafuddin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Are Arabian Falcon Holidays timeshares worth it?
Arabian Falcon Holidays services over 10,000 family members from over 60 countries and growing rapidly with 75% satisfaction rate, the answer is YES.
2How much does it cost to own an Arabian Falcon Holidays timeshare?
The cost of owning a timeshare with Arabian Falcon Holidays ranges between AED 80,000 To AED 200,000.
3How much are Arabian Falcon Holidays timeshare maintenance fees?
Maintenance fees for Arabian Falcon Holidays range between AED 2,000 to AED 4,000.
4Do Arabian Falcon Holidays maintenance fees go up?
Yes, the maintenance fees of Arabian Falcon Holidays go up based on the official inflation rate announced by the UAE government.
5Are Arabian Falcon Holidays timeshares a good investment?
The investment in Arabian Falcon Holiday’s Holiday Ownership "Timeshare" is the best investment in lifestyle and holidays, and it is not a financial investment.
6Can I cancel my Arabian Falcon Holidays membership?
You can cancel your Arabian Falcon Holidays membership based on The Right Of Use Contracts which has been approved by the local authorities and allows a 10-day cooling-off period in which the owner can withdraw freely after signing. Please get in touch with customer service for more inquiries.
7Can I sell my Arabian Falcon Holidays membership?
The developers of the resorts offer a resale option based on the market demands with no guarantees.
8Can I exchange my timeshare time at Arabian Falcon Holidays?
YES, you can exchange your timeshare time at Arabian Falcon Holidays with more than 5,000 resorts worldwide.
9What is the benefit of Arabian Falcon Holidays?
The benefit for our clients is that they will enjoy a lifetime of quality holiday accommodations with once in lifetime payments.