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The Union shall forever remain.
Arabian Falcon wishes everyone in UAE a Happy 40th National Day!

The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan vision lives on strong. Celebrating 40 years of union, find out more on the spirit that binds the Emirates together, enabling millions of people to coexist and build lives together. en.uaenationalday.ae

Latest Getaway Availability

Paphos, Cyprus
Beach and water park nearby

1-bed, sleeps up to 4


Platinum members pay from $255

Costa del Sol

Central Italy

sleeps 2


Platinum members pay from: $461

Costa del Sol

Bansko, Bulgaria

sleeps 2

Easy access to slopes

Platinum members pay from: $334

French Riviera

Lake District, England

sleeps 2


Platinum members pay from: $571

French Riviera

Tenerife, Canaries, Spain

1 Bed,
sleeps upto 4

Fantastic family getaway

Platinum members pay from: $571

More great destinations!
Weekly rates from
Krabi, Thailand $949
Countryside, Malaysia $399
Cherating, Pahang, Malaysia $467
Dubai $1279
Phuket, Thailand $799
Orlando, Florida $299
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia $299
Costa del Sol, Spain $357
Paris, France $519
West Coast, Portugal $879
Costa del la Luz, Spain $337
Florence, Italy $1379
Fort Lauderdale Coast, Florida $929
Balearic Islands, Spain $377
And remember, Interval Gold® members get an additional $30 off all Getaways or $60 off regular prices as an Interval Platinum member.
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Questions that are frequently asked by our Royal Club members.
Answered by our friendly Contracts & Customer Care / Follow-up Manager,
Emad Al Shami

We often are asked the following questions about our resorts, membership or anything related and how to best enjoy our vacation experience. We hope this section will help to quickly answer any of your general questions or concerns. If you have a question, feel free to post it on our facebook page and we will reply back to it immediately.. https://www.facebook.com/ArabianFalconHolidays

Q: How I activate my Interval International membership?
Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the website www.intervalworld.com
  2. Click on [create password] in the right side of the web page
  3. Enter your membership number.
  4. In [Telephone area code or city code] you have to put your mobile network number .
  5. In [telephone number] please put your mobile no then click on submit.
  6. On the second page of the website for User ID please put your membership number to be used as your user name in each time you log on the website.
  7. Write your first name, last name & then click on [Remember me] then click update.
  8. On the third page in the website, please choose any word which will be at least 5 letters and not more than 12 letters.
  9. Then write the same word that you choose again.
  10. In the [HINT] please write any word that makes you remember your password in case if you forget it, then click update.

Q: How I can deposit my week?
First you need the name of the resort you have your week in, the number and the size of the unit. It is too easy, you just have to call Interval International office in Cairo to the address below, and the holidays consultants who they have a wide experience get your call and help you.

Note: the exchange request should be done before at least 90 days from the date of your week in the resort. Or, you can deposit or exchange from your e-account on the Interval website. Tel No : +20226965500. Email: interval.egypt@intervalintl.com

Q: What get ways weeks are?
These weeks are available for Interval International members, with special prices and they aren’t related to the week you own. Their prices are between USD 200 – 2,200, and the elements which specify the price are the location, date, and number of persons. You can know about these week and the prices through visiting the Interval International website, or contact them on: Tel No : +20226965500 Email: interval.egypt@intervalintl.com

Note: the get ways weeks are unlimited, and you can rent as much as you wish.

Q: Who is Dermarr?
Dermarr properties is a Royal club resort owner office in Dubai, and it is the responsible on customer services, in addition to collect the monthly installments for the royal club Dubai, that the collection representatives follow up the monthly installments with clients by phone call and e-mails, and also they help the client to have the right information about the booking and payments.
You find below a chart explain the relation between Dermarr and the other companies which related to Royal Club in Dubai and also you find Dermarr detailed address.
Tel. No:+971(4) 324 0324
Fax. No:+971(4) 324 0326
Email: fatima.guelmoussi@royalclubdubai.com

Q: Who is B&G?
B&G is a qualified company for managing resorts and they have long wide experience in this field, through managing many resorts in middle east, and they are responsible on managing Royal Club Resort in Palm Jumairah.
Their responsibilities to serve Royal Club members and care about all member needs when he use the resort, in addition that you have to pay the maintenance fees for them.
You can find he relationship between B&G and other companies in the chart on our site
Tel.No.:+971(4) 420 6299
Fax.No.+971(4) 420 5733

Q: How can I benefit from renting my week?
The rent benefit was put in our program to make it more flexible. That’s mean in case the member doesn’t want to use your week or exchange it in another where, he can use the rent benefit and that through requesting this from B&G office, who is responsible managing the Royal club Jumairah palm, and you have request for rent your week before at least 90 days from your week date which is mentioned in your purchase contract, and you as a member have to know that the renting is not guaranteed and it is subject to renting terms which are mentioned in the contract in addition that the member must be paid.

News & Events

UAE National Day Events
2 December
The 40th National Day of UAE brings together lots of events and activites which the whole family can enjoy.Find out more on these websites:


Khaleej Times

Global Village
1 November - 3 March
Global Village provides cultural & family entertainment events with shopping experience to millions of visitors in Dubai.

More >

Emirates Fashion Week
12-14 December
Emirates Fashion Week is an annual event and this fashion extravaganza is poised receiving unprecedented press exposure and will generate notoriety to local and international designers.

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