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Today: December 14, 2017
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Who's Who?

A quick reference guide to companies that play an important role in providing the ultimate vacation experience.

Arabian Falcon Holidays

Arabian Falcon Holidays is today the largest independent timeshare sales and marketing company in the Middle East; and the exclusive sales agent for Royal Club Palm Jumeirah and Royal Club Downtown.

Dermarr Real Estate

Owner representative for Royal Club Palm and Royal Club Downtown focused on offering high level of customer services, after sales services and installments collection.

Royal Club

Are the exclsuive resort offerings by Arabian Falcon Holidays.

B&G Hotels and Resorts

B&G Hotels & Resorts is a leading hotel management company in the Middle East and is the operating and management company for Royal Club.

Interval International

Interval International operates membership programs for vacation owners and provides its vacation owners members from around the world with comprehensive exchange services and a variety of other exciting benefits that offer value and convenience at home and on the road.


Working Relationships
Together, providing the ultimate vacation experience.