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September 2015


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Bahrain is a collection of 33 islands located off the coast of Saudi Arabia.

The 25km King Fahd Causeway provides a direct road link between the two countries. In five years’ time, a causeway will also link Bahrain with Qatar, to the southeast. At 45km, the ‘Friendship Causeway’ will be the world’s longest land bridge.

Most of the population lives in Manama, the capital, which is located on the northern tip of Bahrain island, itself the largest of the 33 islands. During the summer months, stretching from April to October, afternoon temperatures average around 37-40°C. In winter, temperatures range between 10°C and 20°C.

The ancient civilisation of Dilmun, which dominated trade between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley Civilization, was centred in Bahrain. The inhabitants of Dilmun left behind settlements and temples and tens of thousands of burial mounds which dot the landscape. Tourists are attracted to Bahrain for the weather, unique ambience (which is completely different from the average European package experience), diving and water sports, local culture and the relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Bahrain also enjoys a liberal social climate, good shopping and minimal travel restrictions.

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Quick Facts
Population 1.3 million
Timezone GMT +3
Currency Bahraini Dinar
Climate Arid


Top Attractions
  1. Al-Fatih Mosque
  2. Arad Fort
  3. Bab Al Bahrain
  4. Manama Souq
  5. Gold Souq
  6. Barbar Temple
  7. Bahrain International Circuit
  8. A'ali Pottery Workshop
  9. The Craft Centre
  10. Dolphin Watching


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Questions that are frequently asked by our Royal Club members.

Answered by our friendly
Contracts & Customer Care / Follow-up Manager:
Emad Al Shami


We often are asked the following questions about our resorts, membership or anything related and how to best enjoy our vacation experience. We hope this section will help to quickly answer any of your general questions or concerns. If you have a question, feel free to post it on our facebook page and we will reply back to it immediately.. https://www.facebook.com/ArabianFalconHolidays

Q: How do I book a holiday in the Royal Club at Palm Jumeira Dubai and who is responsible for it?
You can book through B&G office. B&G is responsible for customer service in the Royal Club, collection of annual maintenance fees and they can assist the members of the Royal Club to rent their weeks within the terms and conditions of the renting process as per the contract and of course the advantage of renting is not guaranteed.

Q: How do I get in touch with Interval International?
You can communicate with them at the addresses below:
Tel: +20226965500
Email: interval.egypt@intervalintl.com

- You can exchange your week with at any place around the world, or buy the additional weeks and get the full advantages of membership through them.

Q: Is Holiday ownership program in the Royal Club at Palm Jumeirah, an investment program?
1) The Holiday Ownership in the Royal Club at Palm Jumeira Dubai is a tourist program, and the investment in it is to get a luxury holiday at the lowest costs and expenses, and this is what the investment in terms of the maximum benefit from the program during your travel and holiday.
2) With knowledge of an existing of renting feature within the program and It has been developed to make the program more flexible, in case the Member did not want to use his holiday at the Royal Club or switch his week to another place around the world through Interval International, he Can put this week on renting program according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract, but the renting process is not Guaranteed by the Royal club, in addition that the annual maintenance fees have to be done.
3) So the holiday ownership in the Royal Club at Palm Jumeira Dubai is not considered as an investment program it is only to enjoy the holiday in the highest levels of residence.

Q: Is it possible my membership to be used by other persons, family or friends?
Yes, you can book to any other person you want, and the guest certificate will be issued in the name of the person you would like to book for him, and if you were a member in the golden membership of interval international it will be free of charge.

Q: What are the advantages of the Gold Card of Interval International membership?
Some of the many advantages are:

1) You will get discount of $30 on the extra weeks for the get away weeks.
2) You will get discount in hotels, restaurants and in the places of entertainment. The gold card of interval international gives you discount up to 50% on hotel chosen around the world and 20% discount as well in the restaurants, retail stores and in services companies through USA and Canada for more information kindly visit the website of interval international.
3) Golden guide services if you need personal assistance, it can help you in case you need to visit landmarks, booking for a dinner or to get Tickets to sport events. The Golden guide service available at anytime (24/7) and easy to reach her on the phone number +12402060458

For more information or for more advantages you can call the customer services on +20226965500 or by visiting the website of interval International www.intervalworld.com

Q: How do I pay the maintenance fees, and when should the payment must be made ?
Payment of the maintenance fees will be at the beginning of each year. -
For your information the payment has to be paid to B&G company, the office in charge of the the Royal Club at Palm Jumeira Dubai.
Please find the address below:
Telephone: +97144206299
Fax : +97144205733
Email reservation.bgroyalclub@balbaagroup.com

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